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Born in 1964, economist, not millenials – alas! - sensitive in digital issues thanks to her experiences first as manager in Media industry and then as entrepreneur and startupper. From the very beginning, she mixed up a classic marketing role with development in L'Oreal, Unilever, Walt Disney and Coin Group. With the creation of a New Business Division within the Gruppo Editoriale l’Espresso, she faced in 2006 the complex challenge of the digital world. In 2012 she became an entrepreneur founding PinkUp, a digital start up dedicated to women. Member of In The Boardroom and Partner in Keystone Executive Search since 2015, she is also, since 2017, Founder and Partner in k-digital. Mother of four daughters, She wants to live their future.

Mentally millennial,  she thinks to be digital native even if she was born way earlier than the World Wide Web, she is early adopter of everything that makes her life easier. As graduation thesis in Managerial Engineering in 1999 she designed and realized a Business Game with web interface. From then on she has never stopped to be innovative and to have show her passion for digital. She started her career as management consultants in two top firms, working among other projects on one of the first e-commerce website and one of the first marketplaces, specializing in FMCG and retail. She earned an MBA from MIT and then she has been manager in important Italian entrepreneurial multinational corporations, working on organization and business improvement and, more recently, on attracting, managing and developing the best talents. She strongly supported the introduction of digital innovation and analytics in the HR function. In her free time, beside being a mother, she supports the family owned company on digital marketing and is developing her own digital startup.

Giusy Cannone is Managing Director at Fashion Technology Accelerator Milano, a business accelerator focused on innovative start-ups in the fashion, retail and luxury sectors. During her work experience, she worked for various organizations - private companies, investment networks, foundations, universities - gaining a 360 ° experience on digital and technological innovation and innovative entrepreneurship. In particular, she was Investment Manager at Italian Angels for Growth, where she has managed numerous startup investments in various industries. Previously, she worked at Intesa Sanpaolo in the innovation department. She also spent several months in the United States working first as a researcher at the Kauffman Foundation, then at Mind the Bridge as coordinator of the incubation program in San Francisco.

Paola Fantini is an expert, researcher and analyst in the field of Management and Industrial Engineering.  She is investigating the digital and technological transformation brought by Industry 4.0 and its impact on human resources, on their roles and skills. She has been working in many international research projects funded by the European Commission within H2020 and the previous framework programs. She is involved in a working group to observe the emergence of Jobs & Skills for Industry 4.0, whose results will be published in the “Advances in Production Management Systems. The path to intelligent, collaborative and sustainable manufacturing” of the series IFIP AICT. She studies the integration and the role of the employees within the industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Human-Centric and Socially Sustainable Manufacturing, the Key Enabling Technologies. She is the author of several papers and publications. Previously she worked as Operations Manager in an industrial company and as a consultant in a Management Consulting firm. Paola Fantini has  got a MSc in Industrial Engineering magna cum laude at Politecnico di Milano in 1986. 

I've been working for nearly 20 years in the “digital field” and here you will not find much more than my Linkedin profile cannot tell you. I am a digital lover, a trainer and a world citizen constantly willing to learn. I experienced as much as possible, from creating and selling adult web sites, working for portals, web agencies, media centers and dialer, to mobile and gambling companies.  For 10 years I have worked and helped SME to selling their product on line. Since 2008 I pretend to be  web marketing “connesseur”, and as I also wrote two books: the first one on e –commerce and a second one related to the new jobs and roles in digital marketing “Effetto Digitale”. For seven years I have also been board member of Consorzio Netcomm. I love consulting digital entrepreneurs, I would describe myself as a “digital manager” focus on both aspects of this role, managerial  and digital and I’m able to  recognize talented people who are, like me, Passionate, Tenace and Patient. Today, I'm Digital Marketing Strategist at My Bank, specialized on digital payment.

Network Engineer in Altran, Simone Scanavini has 10+ years experience in Service Provider.

Over the years, he gained a particular experience in Cyber Security that made him teach to audiences made up by journalists and entrepreneurs.

He strongly believes in education and in scientific publications as a defense system from Cyber Crime threats and for this reason he is also instructor for Cisco Academy eForHum of Milan, where he forms all future network administrators.

He constantly co-operates with an hacker team to cope with novelties in Cyber Security world and to make proof of concept and companies demos to bring innovation inside Industry 4.0. 

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